The most creative LINEN store in South Africa.


We are your friends with benefits in bed!

We are all about linen for your house, not just any linen but Guru linen.

But let me first introduce our house to you.

I, Sleep Guru, have a bigger sister called KDCD, my sister was born 8 years ago and focusses mainly on the Hospitality and Health Care Industry. Oh my... she is a mastermind in the Hotel Industry. I have watched her closely over the years and learned alot from her. Now it's time for my star to shine.

We live in the same house and the same angels manufacture for both of us on the West Rand in Gauteng.

Ofcourse I am the spoiled one with satin and gold Packaging and new exciting products for your home.

I am the creative one in the family with loads of new innovations for your individual lifestyle, from pyramid scatters to knotted pillows to reversible comforters in velvet to a Egyptian touch from an ancient EGYPTIAN Princess on our Oppulent Egyptian Cotton Signature Collection.

Our house creates a lot of work for the woman in our neighbourhood.

We are a proud South African manufacturing house.


there's nothing better.


Our goal is to create a new creative quality lifestyle for you in your favourite place called HOME.

We are not your ordinary boring linen shop with predictable linen. No, our creativity is BOLD and our quality is LOUD. Our friendly service is LARGER THAN LIFE!

Our goal is to be different in every possible way to meet every need with EXCELLENCE!



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